Equations in the Field of Physics

In general, the rules and main concepts that govern electromagnetism are established by Maxwell’s equations, since the student had discovered that the electrical and magnetic phenomena of nature could be represented by means of four equations, in turn, the they consist of equations more understood by physicists, scientists, and scholars.

Thus, electromagnetism is present in several devices, such as computers, electrical components of different categories, bells and flags, for example. Through the constant advance of the experiments and studies, it can be observed that an important relation between magnetism and electricity was soon established. Thus, as a way of obtaining energy, in the past, chemistry was used, with batteries and batteries.

Therefore, with the advancement of electrostatics, the electrical theories began to gain some depth, making this area of ​​knowledge always count as electromagnetism. In this area, two distinct concepts emerged, moving charges and electric fields, and the electric field is composed of electric charges, such as electrons, protons, or ions. The electric charges respond by the electromagnetic interactions, being subject to a force, denominated electrical force.


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