General Inspection of Electrical Devices

The frequency at which inspections are to be carried out may vary depending on the type of the electric motor, its application and the conditions of the installation site. During the inspection, it is advisable to carry out a visual analysis of the motor and the coupling, considering vibration levels, alignment, noise, signs of wear, oxidation and parts with possible damaged damages. The connection of power cables, always considering insulation distances, must be verified between existing live parts not isolated from each other and between live parts and grounded parts.

It is also necessary to observe the condition of the fan and the air inlets and outlets, ensuring a free flow of air and the condition of the seals, effecting the exchange if necessary. Shortly after draining, the drains must be replaced to ensure the high degree of protection of the engine skf bearings. The drains should be kept positioned so that drainage is facilitated, replacing the parts and measuring the insulation resistance. It is necessary that the housing is kept clean, thus eliminating all oil or dust accumulation on the outside of the engine, facilitating the exchange of heat with the external environment.

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