Handling of Bearings

It is extremely important that the motor shaft is rotated at least once in the course of a month, and if this rotation is performed manually, it should be at least five turns, causing the shaft to be left in a position different from the initial one . Therefore, the engine must be stored in its original operating position with oil in its bearings. This way the oil level needs to be respected in order to stay in the middle of the level display. During this storage period, it is important to remove the locking device from the shaft and at least once a month, perform the rotation of the shaft manually, ideally five turns to recirculate the oil and keep the bearing in good condition .

Vertical machines have the possibility of being stored in an upright or horizontal position. In the case of motors containing an open bearing that are stored for more than six months, the bearings must be relubricated prior to start-up. If the motor is stored for more than two years, it is advisable to replace the bearings, or these bearings must be removed, sanitized with washing, inspected and re-lubricated. https://www.mrosupply.com/tensioners-and-idlers/154779_rt1003_fenner-drives/

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