Mechanical Protection

The motor housing has the function of securing it to the working environment and protecting it according to the environment in which it will be installed. It is designed to encompass different types of mechanical protection to meet the requirements of the standards, regarding the facilities and devices for which the engines will be designed. The mechanical protections can be determined in separate categories, which are drip and splash proof, completely closed and explosion proof, with all parts rotating or under tension protected against dripping water, preventing the direct or indirect entry of drops or particles liquid or solid objects that spill over the electric motor Baldor GF2038CG.

In the case of the completely closed engine, it does not allow the exchange of the refrigerant medium between the exterior and the interior of the enclosure; and the explosion-proof motor, designed for service in places saturated with gases and dust, susceptible to the danger of rapid ignition, without the possibility of provoking the same, by spark or high heating. Electric motors have a great need to be preserved for the proper protection of the operators who operate them, as well as against possible external influences.

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