Motor Coupling

To perform machine coupling on an electric motor effectively, it is necessary to remove the shaft locking device and the protective grease, which protects against corrosion of the shaft tip and flange, only prior to the installation of the motor. 81100 OLP

In the case of environments with high water condensation and motors with a higher degree of protection, the drains can be mounted in the open position and for motors with a lower degree of protection, the drains must remain in the closed and open position only during maintenance of the machine. A mixed oil lubrication engine must have its drains always connected to a specific collection system and it is advisable to compare the direction of rotation of the engine by always connecting it before attaching it to the load.

The drain must be distributed so that drainage is facilitated at the lowest point of the engine and if there is an indicative arrow on the drain body, it must be mounted so that the arrow points downwards. Engines that have drain plugs made of rubber leave the factory in the closed position, needing to be opened periodically to allow condensed water to escape.


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