Transformer Protector

The storage of oil and containment of leaks in substations are items that deserve attention in any electrical installation that uses equipment filled with insulating oil.

Because of the environmental impact of oil spills and clean-up procedures, environmental regulations have been undergoing a number of modifications, becoming more rigid in order to make companies invest even more in the design of safer and more reliable equipment. In the development of new anti-explosion and anti-explosion techniques.

The probability of explosion and oil leakage occurring in substations is relatively low, but the consequences of possible leakage in some plants may be potentiated due to the amount of oil present in the plant, near the river and canals plant, The topography of the region, the type of soil, among others.

In addition to tanks and oil containment boxes, considering the amount of oil contained in their interiors, the greatest risk of leaks and / or explosions are in power transformers, oil changeover switches and, to a lesser extent, in circuit breakers Which use oil as an insulating medium.

Each power transformer, commutator or reactor may contain from 100 to 100,000 liters or more of oil therein, and each plant may typically have from 1 to 4 transformers or more.

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