Types of DC Motors

DC motors are DC / AC machines used to act as both motor and generator and the difference of these functions is in the direction of power flow. In a DC motor, reelcraft L 4100 the speed can be controlled only by varying its voltage, unlike an alternating current motor whose speed is varied by frequency.

Some types of direct current motors are:

– Permanent magnet DC motor;

– Brushed DC motor;

– Brushless DC motor.

The permanent magnet DC motor has a magnet permanently embedded in the stator. Provides constant speed with variable load, with zero slip and excellent starting torque. When compared to other types, permanent magnet construction provides greater efficiency and lower speed adjustments. The brushed DC motor uses contact brushes that connect to the switch to power the rotor. The brushed constitution is less expensive than the brushless motor and the control is simpler and cheaper. The brushed motor requires periodic maintenance to replace the worn brushes. Brushless or brushless DC motor uses a permanent magnet incorporated into the rotor assembly.

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