Use of Insulating Elements

During all the operation of the electric motors, both the thermal and electric effects can also manifest on the insulation devices of the wire. The yarn needs to have a highly efficient mechanical, electrical and thermal insulation. In most cases, the enamel used in the threads guarantees these properties, considering that the mechanical property guaranteed by the outer layer of the enamel can withstand abrasion forces in the process of insertion of the enamel in the grooves of the stator. Therefore, the enamel layer found inside the wires ensures a high dielectric strength to the assembly, assigning a two hundred degree grade to the wire.

In this way, the enamelled circular wire is based on one of the components of extreme relevance found in the motor baldor M3531, considering that the electric current circulates throughout the interior of the same, producing in a suitable way the magnetic field to ensure an efficient operation of the motor. During the process of producing the motor, the yarns can be subjected to mechanical forces of bending, traction and abrasion. To suit the requirements established for a good technical performance by specific applications, as well as by the market, there are some systems considered as the most used in different types of existing electric motors.

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